Day Five: Politics

Epicurus prudently advised his followers to abjure politics, on the eminently sensible grounds that it would only cause needless distress. The excrement-slinging chimps’ tea party antics that pass for political discourse these days – the one area of public life where hate speech is still OK apparently – only strengthens the force of Epicurus’ argument.


Day Four: A Cosmic Perspective

So much that seems to be wrong with the world at the moment, so many of the things that seem horribly dysfunctional (if not downright wicked), look to me like a failure to grasp a pretty obvious fact, namely: we’re all in this together.

Day One: We Are Star Stuff

Take a moment the next time you are out on a clear night to look up at the sky. All those little points of light, the whole immensity of the cosmos spread before your eyes. Spend a minute drinking it all in: the unthinkable vastness of it all, perhaps even infinite in extent.